Contact me to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation call to learn how we can work together to support your unique health goals through real-food nutrition.

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Kick Off: New Client Consultation

Before our consultation, you’ll complete a health history questionnaire, thorough symptom assessment survey, and a 3-day food journal analysis that helps me learn more about your goals, motivations and challenges, as well as identify the imbalances in your body that we can support with Nutritional Therapy.

We’ll review and discuss the findings from your paperwork during our consultation as well as a Functional Evaluation, which is a hands-on evaluation that pinpoints the systems of your body that require support, like digestion or sugar metabolism. We will then test nutritional supplements against those imbalances to select the appropriate supplements that will best support your body’s healing process.

After this in-depth analysis of your health, I’ll provide you with a personalized real-food nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement protocol that provides you with the knowledge and resources you need to begin your path toward optimal health.

2 hours – $200

Assess the Game Plan: Follow Up Appointments

At each of our follow up appointments, you’ll get me up to speed on your current symptoms and progress with the protocols from our first consultation. We’ll use the Functional Evaluation and supplement testing process to assess your current health priorities and supplement needs now that your body has had time to adjust to the protocols. In preparation for follow-up appointments, I ask that you provide a new 3-day food journal and a new symptom survey.

After each follow-up appointment I’ll provide you with a revised real-food nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement protocol that provides you with the support, knowledge and resources you need to continue on your path toward optimal health.

1 hour – $100

Triple Play: New Client Package

Health doesn’t happen overnight, and our bodies require time and dedication to find sustainable balance and wellness. We’ll begin our Nutritional Therapy relationship with a 12-week deep dive into your goals and nutritional protocols that start you on your path to optimal wellness. At the end of those 12 weeks, we will discuss the need for additional follow-ups based on your progress and long-term goals.

This consultation package includes one new client appointment and two follow-up appointments to be completed within a 12-week period. Payment is due at the first appointment.

1 New Client Consultation and 2 Follow-Up Appointments – $350 (save $50)

Food Fundamentals: Quick Start Consultation

The Quick Start Consultation includes a preliminary analysis of your current health symptoms and your body’s foundations, such as digestion, mineral balance and the immune system. You will complete a symptom survey prior to our meeting to inform our discussion. Our Quick Start Consultation concludes with customized nutrition strategies that will help balance your body.

30 min – $75


For clients who are unable to meet in person, I provide e-consultations through Google Hangouts. E-consultations include all services included in the in-person consultations and appointments, aside from the Functional Evaluation and supplement testing. Nutrition and supplement recommendations will be derived from your health history, symptom analysis, and food journal insights.

New client consultations: 1 hour – $125

Follow-up appointments: 30 min – $75

Team Up: Nutrition Lectures & Challenges

Interested in learning more about nutrition and physiology in a group setting? Contact me to discuss opportunities for lectures and nutrition challenges custom built for your gym, business, family or group.


Payment is due at time of service. If you anticipate a financial challenge, please contact me prior to your appointment to discuss payment plan options.

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